As an artist, you can be placed on different levels with GN based on our assessment of your artist status. This is the general situation for the whole range of products, from song composition to artist booking.

For example: Anna is a singer who wants to make a single. She contacts GN for consultation and in this particular case we rate her as a BRONZE level-artist.

Anna then gets exclusive access to the GN store where she can put together all the necessary components leading to a final product; in her case a single. Her separate orders in the shop could e.g. consist of:

  • Composition Bronze – the GN songwriting team creates a song made from one of Anna’s reference songs.
  • Arrangement Bronze – the GN production team creates an arrangement made from samples and lifelike instruments of Anna’s preference.
  • Recording additions – Anna records vocals for the song in one of GN’s studios.
  • Mixing Bronze – Anna’s vocals is mixed with the song’s arrangement and different elements are balanced to make a perfect fit as close to Anna’s preference as possible.
  • Mastering Bronze – The mix gets a final polish before it’s prepared for distribution to digital streaming services, CD or vinyl, depending on Anna’s preference.
  • Photographs/Digital cover – Anna needs artist photos for her single cover and hires GN photographers and designers to create a cover.
  • License agreement – In order to distribute the single to consumers via digital channels (e.g. Spotify, iTunes) and/or vendors for physical music products (e.g. CD, vinyl) Anna must give GN a license to do so.

    In total, this complete production is 25 000 SEK (excl. VAT).

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